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Promoting or Endorsing a Cause Online.

We’ve plugged  adopting pets and ways you can still help in the Gulf of Mexico in the past weeks. While surfing the web the other day we found this article on five ways to support a favorite cause on Mashable. This is right up our alley,  we can promote a cause we care about and use social media to do it. As PR folks we are big fans of social media and as animal and nature lovers we are passionate about helping out animals and people effected by natural and man-made disasters.

If you have a cause or causes you are passionate about and want to help, check out the Mashable article that gives you great videos on how to use these five different social media outlets to get the word out about your causes.

Here are some ideas for promoting your cause online.

1. Start a Facebook Page – Make sure you update it constantly. People like to know what’s going on and what events are happening. Make sure to invite people to upcoming events using Facebook Events as well.

2. TWEET! – Tweet from events with stats and updates on what’s going on. Make sure to tweet a lot before and after the event so people are aware and can attend, and also know what a success it was.

3. Use other outlets like Socialvibe. Which allows you to create a specific cause and promote online using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and any other social media outlet you can think of.

Keep being good and doing good.

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National Geographic Mapped Out the Gulf Spill

Recently National Geographic posted a map of the Gulf Of Mexico, the region where the Deep Water Horizon oil spill occurred. Last week a Read Write Web article covered Nat Geo’s map and all of the information it includes. The map on Nat Geo’s website is extremely well organized and does a wonderful job of explaining why the entire region is in such peril. If you didn’t quite understand the impact of the spill on the surrounding region before you will after you read the article and view the map.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see what a far reaching effect it has had on people and animals alike. We posted about ways you can continue to help in the Gulf back in August and have decided to add a few more ways here.

  • Donate supplies, gather friends from work and pitch in five or ten dollars to buy supplies to help in the gulf.
  • Hold a fundraiser.
  • Donate your time. Thinking far into the future, take your kids down there for spring or winter break, people will still want help then.
  • The National Wildlife Foundation has a great site where you can choose how you want to help.
  • Check with LANO (Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations) to see if you can create a fundraising event; plan a 5K or golf outing for the Gulf in your area and donate the money to them, or an organization they support.

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